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Thank you for your interest in the panel discussions we recently held to discuss how trace minerals play a vital role in health, immune response and performance in stocker cattle. Whether you were able to join us for a discussion or are just curious about how to enhance immune protection or achieve a better response to vaccination, the resources below will help you in your decision-making process.

Discussion Highlights

“Trace minerals, particularly zinc, selenium, manganese and copper play important roles in many functions, specifically in growing animals. They are very important for growth and developing the immune response.”

Roberto Palomares,
DVM, MS, PhD, DACT, Assistant Professor, University of Georgia

“In all facets of the production cycle from breeding to birth to branding time vaccination, weaning and all, we’ve seen benefits when we add MULTIMIN® 90.”

L.D. Barker,
DVM, Professional Animal Health Center, Newcastle, Oklahoma

“MULTIMIN® 90 is the single most cost-effective return on input that I have in my operation.”

Scott Williamson,
Williamson Farm & Ranch, Seymour, Texas

MULTIMIN® 90 is a sure trace mineral supplementation given by timed injection. It provides Zinc, Manganese, Copper and Selenium in a readily available form to meet the needs of beef cattle. The group discussed the following benefits of MULTIMIN® 90:

  • Improved Vaccine Response – Quicker and higher immune response after vaccinations reduces chance of illness, antibiotic use and can mean lower treatment costs.
  • Confidence in Trace Mineral Absorption – As an injectable supplement, MULTIMIN® 90 is absorbed into and transported by the bloodstream, bypassing any antagonists. Beef producers can be assured that the minerals are available when cattle need them most.
  • Consistent Levels of Trace Minerals – MULTIMIN® 90 allows producers to overcome the variability of trace minerals in forage, soils, and feed rations and meet needs during stressful situations like transportation, weaning or new environments.
  • Improved Health and Performance – Studies have shown that cattle receiving MULTIMIN® 90 require fewer medical treatments and have a higher average daily gain, which means more pounds to sell.

Discussion Recap

If you missed our discussion, or want to review what our panelists talked about, check out the following resources that summarize the discussion and provide additional information.

Interactive Recap

Download this interactive multimedia resource to help you learn from third-party beef production experts and fellow beef veterinarians and producers. You’ll also hear how tools like MULTIMIN® 90 from Multimin USA can boost your return on investment by supplying trace minerals needed to optimize performance and improve health in stocker cattle. Download to an iPad, iPhone or Mac by clicking “Download for iOS/Mac.” To view on any other device, click “View Recap.”

PDF Recap

View or download a PDF summary that recaps the panel discussion highlighting how optimal trace mineral levels can reduce illness, antibiotic use and mean lower treatment costs in stocker cattle and how MULTIMIN® 90 can help meet those needs.

Event Resources

Download the resources for this discussion. Please have these handy, as the moderator will refer to them during the discussion.

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