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Thank you for your interest in learning more about how trace minerals such as Zinc, Manganese, Copper, and Selenium are critical for dairy cows and calves’ immunity, response to vaccines and reproduction.

MULTIMIN® 90 Benefits


MULTIMIN® 90 provides multiple benefits to help dairy cows and calves perform their best and is a perfect addition to your Dairy Health Program:

Multiple published university studies* conducted in Dairy Cows and Dairy Calves showed that MULTIMIN® 90:

  • Improved UDDER and UTERINE HEALTH and lowered the incidence of STILL-BIRTHS.
  • Alleviated inflammation and oxidative stress during an AFLATOXIN CHALLENGE.
  • DAIRY CALVES treated with MULTIMIN® 90 had less calf SCOURS and less EAR INFECTION, PNEUMONIA or both.
  • DAIRY CALVES also had enhanced IMMUNE PROTECTION after MULTIMIN® 90 was injected AT THE SAME TIME AS VACCINATION. These calves also had greater AVERAGE GAIN following a BVDV-2 challenge 5 months after the priming vaccination.

All these results may all lead to LESS TREATMENT COSTS!!!

*All peer-reviewed, published university study data are available on request.

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Enhance Immunity and Vaccine Response with MULTIMIN® 90


  • “The biggest thing we’re seeing is better reproduction numbers. Our two year-olds seem to be coming in and doing a lot better. And, vaccine response has been really good. We feel like our cattle are really responding to post-calving vaccines.” – Jonathan Lee, Lee Farms, Englewood, Tennessee
  • “With the dairy market like it’s been, every dairy is looking for ways to improve profits and cut expenses. MULTIMIN® 90 has helped us improve our calf and heifer program and it’s here to stay!” – Jackie Peck, Marks Farm, Lowville, NY
  • “A good place to use MULTIMIN® 90 is to shore up the general health of the animal. The immune system is based on copper, zinc, manganese and selenium, but especially selenium and zinc. With calves you’re not going to get the adequate growth if the animal spends all of its time fighting off all kinds of diseases unnecessarily and wasting a lot of energy. – Dr. Glenn Kirksey, DVM, Notchey Creek Veterinary Clinic, Madisonville, TN


The following resources summarize a panel discussion held about the importance of trace minerals and how tools like MULTIMIN® 90 can optimize dairy cows and calves’ health and performance.

Interactive Recap

Download this interactive multimedia resource to learn from third-party experts and fellow veterinarians and producers about tools they use, like MULTIMIN® 90, to overcome challenges they face with disease, illness and trace mineral deficiencies. Download to an iPad, iPhone or Mac by clicking “Download for iOS/Mac.” To view on any other device, click “View Recap.”

PDF Recap

View or download a PDF summary to learn how optimal trace mineral levels can reduce illness such as calf scours, ear infection and pneumonia, decrease antibiotic use and mean lower treatment costs and how MULTIMIN® 90 can help meet those needs.

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