Elevate Your Burndown, and Control Marestail

Join us to learn:

  • Impact of marestail and other winter annuals to profits
  • Identify the importance of new chemistry for resistance management
  • Review performance data of new chemistry available
  • Hear first-hand experiences from industry researchers
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Oct. 4, 2018

8:30 am CT

Oct. 10, 2018

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Panel Experts

Hear from your peers and leading Industry experts during the panel discussion

Bryan Young, Ph.D

Professor of plant pathology at Purdue University. Dr. Young focuses on weed biology and ecology relative to developing effective management strategies in agronomic crops, herbicide application technologies for optimization and stewardship of herbicide use.

Chris Chandler

Strategic Account Manager, Mid Kansas Cooperative

Kristin Rosenbaum, Ph.D

Integrated Field Scientist, Corteva Agriscience™™, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont

Jeff Ellis, Ph.D

Market Development Specialist for MO and Eastern KS, Corteva Agriscience™™, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join the discussion just from my phone (without connecting to the webinar)?


Yes. We will mail you the printed handouts before the Discussion Call for you to be able to follow along without a computer.

How will I connect to the discussion?


5-10 minutes before the discussion we will call out to you to get you connected into the discussion.

Can I ask questions directly to the panelists during the discussion?


Yes! There are specific times during the discussion where the moderator will pause to ask for questions, allowing participants to interact directly with the panel.

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