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Thanks for your interest in the panel discussions we held recently to discuss disease management strategies for the Northern U.S. Whether you were able to join us for a discussion, or are just curious about how to boost plant health this year by maximizing your disease control, the resources below will help your 2018 decision-making process.

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Discussion Highlights

“Out of all the components of growing a crop related to weather, fungicides allow me to minimize the risk associated with disease and help maximize the rewards.”

Jon Koons

corn and soybean grower from Hamel, Illinois

“The amount of yield loss in either crop for these diseases are from 3% to maybe 30%. We don’t have to have a full-fledged epidemic to lose 30% to 40% of our yield.”

Dr. Jason Bond

professor of plant pathology, Southern Illinois University

“We definitely saw a return on our farm with Delaro™ in corn …  On average, we saw a 17 bushel yield bump with Delaro.”

Andrew Hellmann

corn and soybean grower from Worden, Illinois

The NEW Delaro™ fungicide from Bayer provides:  

  • Unmatched, Broad Spectrum Disease Control – Delaro uses two heavy-hitting modes of action to control even the toughest diseases in both corn and soybeans.
  • Two Modes of Action with Residual Efficacy – Delaro is the only fungicide that delivers long-lasting residual control from both its strobilurin and triazole components for extended performance.
  • Protecting Seed Investment – Delaro promotes healthy plant growth and helps plants ward off stress to meet their full genetic potential and yield.

Discussion Resources

If you missed our discussion, or want to review what our panelists talked about, check out the following resources that summarize the discussion and provide additional information.

Interactive Recap

Download this interactive multimedia resource to help you learn from third-party disease management experts and growers in your geography. You’ll also hear how tools like Delaro™ from Bayer can boost your return on investment in 2018 and provide you the peace of mind you need to spray with confidence this season. Download to an iPad, iPhone or Mac by clicking “Download for iOS/Mac.” To view on any other device, click “View Recap.” 

PDF Recap

View or download a PDF summary that recaps the panel discussion highlighting both disease management expertise as well as growers who have experience with Delaro™ fungicide.

Video Recast

If you were unable to join us for a live discussion or just want to listen again, click on the recast link provided here to hear the discussion in its entirety, along with the supporting visuals our panelists used to share information.

Event Resources

Download the resources used for this discussion.

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