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Thank you for your interest in learning more about how trace minerals such as Zinc, Manganese, Copper, and Selenium are critical for cattle immunity, response to vaccines and reproduction whether you have feedlot or stocker cattle, a cow/calf operation or dairy cows and/or calves.


provides multiple benefits to help cattle perform their best:


  • Consistent Levels of Trace Minerals – Injecting trace minerals is an effective solution to limit variability in oral intake of trace minerals and allows us to immediately correct an existing trace mineral deficiency or an unknown trace mineral status.
  • Given by Timed Injection – MULTIMIN® 90 provides copper, selenium, zinc and manganese to rapidly improve the trace mineral status of cattle so that they can respond better and faster to vaccines.
  • Easily fits into current protocols – Flexible to meet producers’ needs.
  • Confidence in Trace Mineral Absorption – As an injectable supplement, MULTIMIN® 90 is absorbed into and transported by the bloodstream, bypassing any antagonists, such as sulfur in distillers’ grains and water, molybdenum and iron.
  • Trace Minerals are Critical for Fetal Development – It is also preg-check time! Trace minerals are also delivered through the navel cord to the fetus and used by the newborn calf for immunity and growth since the cow`s milk is not a good source of trace minerals.
  • Increases pregnancy rate – Empty cows are expensive!
  • More calves born earlier – Calves born early in the cycle are more profitable.
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Discussion Highlights

“Trace minerals, particularly zinc, selenium, manganese and copper play important roles in many functions, specifically in growing animals. They are very important for growth and developing the immune response.” Roberto Palomares,

DVM, MS, PhD, DACT, Assistant Professor, University of Georgia

“In all facets of the production cycle from breeding to birth to branding time vaccination, weaning and all, we’ve seen benefits when we add MULTIMIN® 90.”  L.D. Barker,

DVM, Professional Animal Health Center, Newcastle, Oklahoma

“The biggest thing we’re seeing is better reproduction numbers. Our two year-olds seem to be coming in and doing a lot better. And, vaccine response has been really good. We feel like our cattle are really responding to post-calving vaccines.” Jonathan Lee,

Lee Farms, Englewood, Tennessee

“If you keep cows healthy and calves healthy, that will ring true all the way through the feedyard…we can see a definite decrease in morbidity when we use MULTIMIN® 90 at vaccination at the feedyard, and that is money in our pockets.” Joe Ludwig,

cow/calf rancher, Beloit, Kansas

Discussion Recaps

The following resources summarize numerous panel discussions recently held about the importance of trace minerals and how tools like MULTIMIN® 90 can optimize cattle health and performance.

Interactive Recap

Download these interactive multimedia resources to learn from third-party experts and fellow veterinarians and producers about tools they use, like MULTIMIN® 90, to overcome challenges they face with illness and trace mineral deficiencies.  

Print Recap

View or download a PDF summary to learn how optimal trace mineral levels can reduce illness, antibiotic use and mean lower treatment costs and how MULTIMIN® 90 can help meet those needs.

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