Thanks for your interest in our panel discussions on how to protect your seed investment from the start. Whether you were able to join us for a discussion, or just interested in learning more about in-furrow fungicide applications, the resources below will provide answers to your questions.

Discussion Highlights

“There’s a lot of things that affect successful seedling development; cold temperatures, pests, any number of environmental factors, but what I see in our research is that more the rapid and uniform you can get that crop out of the ground, the greater the yield potential it’s going to have. So, that early growth sets the yield potential of the crop. Getting it out of the ground at the same time in a uniform manner is crucial.”

Dr. Fred Below,
Professor of Plant Physiology, University of Illinois

“Having a consistent stand and healthy root system so plants have access to water is key to having access to nutrients, increasing dry matter, and getting good pod or seed fill.”

Dr. Shaun Casteel,
Assistant Professor, Soybean Extension Specialist, Purdue University

Getting the crop off to a strong start is important to protect the seed investment and maximize yield. Many in-furrow conditions have a direct impact on yield potential:

  • Tillage
  • Planting depth
  • Soil temperature
  • Soil moisture
  • Soil crusting
  • Seed to soil contact
  • Surface residue
  • Seed and seedling pests:
  • – Nematodes
  • – Disease
  • – Insects

Discussion Recap

If you missed our discussion, or want to review what our panelists talked about, check out the following resources that summarize the discussion and provide additional information.

Interactive Recap

Download this interactive multimedia resource to help you learn from university specialists, retailers and growers in your geography. You’ll learn how early-season plant health impacts the harvestability of your corn or soybean crop. Download to an iPad, iPhone or Mac by clicking “Download for iOS/Mac.” To view on any other device, click “View Recap.” 

Event Resources

Download the resources for this discussion. Please have these handy, as the moderator will refer to them during the discussion.

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