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  • Beck Ag facilitated educational discussions titled Soil Health and the Impact of Mycorrhizae on Crop Performance, sponsored by Valent USA, LLC in August of 2018.
  • You can view this discussion as a video recast or experience highlights through an eBook. The webinar resources are also available for download.

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Discussion Highlights:

Why is soil health so important?

Soil expert on the panel, Hunter Francis of California Polytechnic State University, along with others, shared how soil includes the active interactions between its parts—physical, biological, and chemical. As we looked at the biological component, we learned how mycorrhizal fungi are critical to optimizing plant health and can make the difference between healthy and unhealthy soil.

Valent’s MycoApply EndoMaxx Builds Better Crop Performance through:
  • Four species of mycorrhizae fungi that colonize a plant’s root system to promote root mass expansion, nutrient efficiency and drought tolerance for optimal plant health, performance and yield.
  • Root mass expansion—expands vascular network beyond roots and into soil by up to 50 times
  • Nutrient efficiency—absorbs and transports soil nutrients directly to the root including tightly bound nutrients such as phosphorus and micronutrients
  • Drought tolerance—stores resources until needed by the plant and improves water availability and transport
  • OMRI listed and NOP compliant to fit both organic and sustainable production

Discussion Recaps

If you missed our discussion check out these recaps.


View this interactive multimedia resource to help you learn how MycoApply EndoMaxx enhances your growers’ soil, their plant’s production, and their profits.

Video Recast

If you were unable to join us for a live discussion or just want to listen again, click on the recast links provided here to hear the discussion in its entirety, along with the supporting visuals our panelists used to share information.

Discussion Resources

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