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Improving Plant Health to Maximize Yields:

  • Consistent Increases in Corn Yields – Headline AMP® fungicide resulted in average yield increases of 12.5 bushels per acre in more than 550 on-farm corn trials and across varying levels of disease pressure.
  • Proven Yield Increases in Soybeans – Priaxor® fungicide resulted in an average yield response of 4.5 bushels per acre across more than 550 on-farm soybean trials.
  • Improved Corn Standability – Headline AMP can improve crop standability and harvest efficiency.

Discussion Highlights

When it’s wet early, the plant just doesn’t get a good deep root system. First of all, there isn’t enough oxygen in the soil for that root growth. Roots need oxygen. If the soil is wet, they’re not going to grow deep roots. When you don’t get as good of a root system, that’s going to make a weaker stock and a weaker plant.

Fred Below, Ph.D.

Professor of Plant Physiology at the University of Illinois

“We take a systems approach for corn and soybeans. Fungicides — and extending that growing season — are a huge part of it. It helps us take advantage of late rains. Any time you can add dry matter and keep that plant growing, you can add yield.”

Walker Gottfried

grower from Upper Sandusky, Ohio

“We have quite a few acres, and it takes a long time to harvest. I’ve been farming for 40 years, and I see it year after year when you’ve got the neighbor across the road that never sprayed, and his corn is a mess and ours is still standing pretty good. Standability to me is the most important thing.”

Lyle Nunnenkamp

grower from Sutton, Nebraska

“We did some test strips on two different fields and put on the Priaxor. The average was an 11-bushel increase in yield. Now we’re pretty much 100 % fungicide on all soybeans.”

Brad Williams

grower from Cedar Bluffs, Nebraska


The following resources summarize numerous panel discussions recently held about the positive impact Plant Health can have on yields and harvestability of corn and soybeans.

Digital Recap

Download these interactive multimedia resources to learn from university and industry experts and fellow growers about tools they use, like Headline AMP and Priaxor fungicides, to conquer elevated disease challenges they face in their operations. 

PDF Recap

View or download a PDF summary to learn how your fellow growers use fungicides as an important tool in protecting plants from disease and environmental stresses and can help return yields — even in years with lower disease pressure.

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