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Delaro® fungicide from Bayer provides unmatched curative and preventative defense against yield-robbing diseases to give your top-performing hybrids and varieties the protection they need to deliver top yields:


  • Unmatched, Broad Spectrum Disease Control – Delaro uses two heavy-hitting modes of action to control even the toughest diseases in both corn and soybeans.
  • Two Effective Modes of Action with Residual Efficacy – Delaro is the only fungicide that delivers long-lasting residual control from both its strobilurin and triazole components for extended performance.
  • Protecting Seed Investment – Delaro promotes healthy plant growth and helps plants ward off stress to meet their full genetic potential and yield.


Discussion Highlights

Help Raise the Bar on Plant Health and Yields with Delaro®:

“No variety is completely resistant to either white mold, tar spot or any disease. Very often when the environment sets up and we see disease pressure, we certainly see a benefit of using fungicides.”

Dr. Martin Chilvers

Assistant professor, Michigan State University

“We have a lot of money invested in our crop, so any way we can protect it and push yields. Even if it doesn’t end up putting bushels in the bin in certain years, standability is key.  So, we will continue to spray Delaro year after year because of the benefits we’ve seen in past years.”

Josh Glendenning

Corn and soybean grower from Stillman Valley, Illinois

“Having used fungicides for the last 10-15 years, we have seen the benefits of spraying fungicides enough that we now use them as much for preventative as we do the curative aspects of it.  Trying to keep that plant healthier and trying to keep stalk quality – it’s almost like an insurance policy.”

Chad Leman

Corn and soybean grower from Eureka, Illinois

“Delaro gives you peace of mind to know that when you’re thinking about what bushels you can market, you can be more confident that those bushels are going to be there when you go to harvest.”

Harry McCune

Corn and soybean grower from Walnut, Illinois

Discussion Recaps

The following resources summarize numerous panel discussions recently held about how to protect your most important investment – your crops – from yield-robbing diseases.

Interactive Recap

View the interactive multimedia resource to learn from university and industry experts and fellow growers about tools they use, like Delaro® fungicide, to overcome challenges they face with disease in their operations.

PDF Recap

View or download a PDF summary to learn how fellow growers use fungicides as an important tool in protecting corn and soybeans from disease all season long to improve plant health and deliver higher yields.

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