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Thanks for your interest in the panel discussions we held recently to discuss weed management strategies. Whether you were able to join us for a discussion, or are just curious about how to best protect profitability this year by maximizing your weed control, the resources below will help your 2018 decision-making process.
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Discussion Highlights

South Dakota State University study cited that growers can lose up to 3 bushels per acre per day when weeds grow uncontrolled. At $4 corn, that could mean losses of $12 a day or $84 a week per acre.
“Certain areas of the Midwest started with one resistant weed, but now we’re all evolving and have more than one of the real problem resistant weeds in our operation. Those weeds are continuing to develop multiple resistance as we throw additional herbicide tools at them, especially if our programs aren’t diverse enough.”
Dr. Mark Loux

Weed Management Extension Specialist, Ohio State University

Integrated Weed Management Involves a Diverse Range of Methods including:

  • Mechanical
  • Cultural
  • Biological
  • Chemical
Liberty® Herbicide is the only working nonselective herbicide that is effective on tough-to-control grasses and broadleaf weeds.
“Liberty is friendly with a lot of other chemistries and mixes well. There’s no antagonism there. It gives the grower a lot of flexibility.” David Schrock

corn and soybean grower, IN

A two-pass herbicide program is necessary for optimized weed control and premium yields. Panelists dsicussed a zero-tolerance approach to weed control with Corvus® and DiFlexx® DUO Herbicides.
“When I got the chance to use DiFlexx DUO on it, I started with Corvus up front followed by DiFlexx DUO so it was two applications and two trips and literally there was not one giant ragweed left in this 40 acre patch.”
George Roberts

corn and soybean grower, IL

Discussion Resources

If you missed our discussion, or want to review what our panelists talked about, check out the following resources that summarize the discussion and provide additional information.

Interactive Recap

Download this interactive multimedia resource to help you learn from third-party weed management experts and growers in your geography. You’ll also hear how tools like Liberty®, Corvus® and DiFlexx® DUO Herbicides from Bayer can tip the scales towards profitability in 2018 and provide you the peace of mind you need to spray with confidence this spring. To view on an iPad, click on “Download for iOS.” To view on any other mobile device, click on “Download for Browser”. 

PDF Recaps

Download the two-page PDF document to hear from weed management experts in your area, as well as growers who have experience with Liberty®, Corvus® and DiFlexx® DUO Herbicides from Bayer. Reading about others’ experiences with both weed resistance and potential solutions for it is worth your time to gain perspective heading into the 2018 crop season.

Video Recasts

Click on the recast link to hear the panel discussion in its entirety, along with the supporting visuals our panelists used to share information.

View the recast to hear more about how:

  • 2018 weed management planning needs to start now
  • Dicamba and glyphosate won’t be enough to mitigate weed resistance
  • Profitability may not come from commodity prices in 2018, but high yields will help cash flow
  • Weed management systems can prevent hassle and yield loss

Event Resources

Participant resources used during the panel discussion.

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