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Thanks for your interest in the panel discussions we held recently to discuss weed management strategies for the Southern U.S. and Texas. Whether you were able to join us for a discussion, or are just curious about how to best protect profitability this year by maximizing your weed control, the resources below will help your 2018 decision-making process.
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Discussion Highlights

“From the International Survey of Herbicide Resistant Weeds, and globally now, we’re looking at a situation where there’s documented resistance to 23 of 26 known herbicide sites of action.”

— Dr. Josh McGinty, Assistant Professor and Extension Agronomist, Texas A&M University

“You have to make sure you do the things that you need to do to kill those plants, because if you don’t, a pigweed will be making seed and that’s a million more problems.”

— Joe Hunsucker, Grower Hunsucker Farms, Bennettsville, SC

Since resistance isn’t going anywhere, experts agree the focus needs to be on implementing weed management strategies pro-actively. These strategies should include biological, mechanical, chemical and cultural practices such as:

  • Tillage
  • Plowing
  • Cultivating
  • Later sowing
  • Clean seed
  • Seed Destruction
  • Different MOAs
  • Sequence/mixtures
  • Full dose rates
  • Alternation of:
    • Monocot crops and dicot crops
    • Winter and summer crops
    • Pre-seed control with non-selective herbicides
“I would try to get everybody to put a real residual down in front. And then just incorporate at least one or two of these other cultural or mechanical practices. Just combining those with some common sense use of our herbicide can make a world of difference.”

— Dr. Bob Scott,  Professor and Weed Scientist Extension Specialist, University of Arkansas

Herbicide resistance costs farmers $20 to $60 or more per acre, according to a 2016 study by USDA’s Economic Research Service

Discussion Resources

If you missed our discussion, or want to review what our panelists talked about, check out the following resources that summarize the discussion and provide additional information.

Interactive Recap

Download this interactive multimedia resource to help you learn from third-party weed management experts and growers in your geography. You’ll also hear how tools like Liberty® herbicide from Bayer can tip the scales towards profitability in 2018 and provide you the peace of mind you need to spray with confidence this spring. To view on an iPad, click on “Download for iOS.” To view on any other mobile device, click on “Download for Browser”. 

PDF Recaps

The summary PDF documents available for download are two pages chock-full of information specific to your geography. Hear from weed management experts in your area, as well as growers who have experience with the LibertyLink® system. Reading about others’ experiences with both weed resistance and potential solutions for it is worth your time to gain perspective heading into the 2018 crop season.

Video Recasts

If you were unable to join us for a live discussion or just want to listen again, click on the recast links provided here for your specific geography to hear the discussion in its entirety, along with the supporting visuals our panelists used to share information.

By viewing these recasts, you’ll hear more about how:

  • 2018 weed management planning needs to start now
  • Dicamba and glyphosate won’t be enough to mitigate weed resistance
  • Profitability may not come from commodity prices in 2018, but high yields will help cash flow
  • Weed management systems can prevent hassle and yield loss

Event Resources

Download these resources specific to AR, TN, LA or MS. Please have these handy, as the moderator will refer to them during the discussion.

Download the resources specific to the Texas Plains. Please have these handy, as the moderator will refer to them during the discussion.

Download the resources specific to GA/FL/AL. Please have these handy, as the moderator will refer to them during the discussion.

Download the resources specific to Coastal Texas. Please have these handy, as the moderator will refer to them during the discussion.

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